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***NOTE*** SOE published the New Game Enhancements for Star Wars Galaxies, aslo known as the NGE on 11-15-05. This comes after the CURB or CU for short was published on 4-27-05 and never lived up to expectations. Information listed on this site is current up to but NOT including the NGE. Pre-CU (also known as PreCU) information has been compiled and located in the lower menu bar. Read my update for more information on my Pre-CU pages.

All Prices & Stats were valid Pre-CU only I will be updating my database with stats on converted weapons for sale, and post CU v2.0+ weapons as soon as I can

What will your weapon stats be with your enhancer added? Use the X-Force Weapons Enhancer & Slice Calculator.

Is the weapon you want not listed? Do you need it made differently? Use the X-Force Weapons Weapon Builder.

(Note: this feature is for the old Pre-CU)You can now calculate the DPS of any X-Force Weapon! DPS calculation on the pricing page assumes you are a Master at your profession. If you are not, or have special speed attachments, click Ctrl-S in-game and write down your speed mod under "My Skill Mods". Use this value instead of the value inserted by the link. Also, you can calculate DPS after "Enhancing" with loot or "Slicing" using the special link buttons provided.

586 Total Weapons Posted as of 3/21/05

Weapon NameWeapon SpeedWeapon Min DamageWeapon Max DamageWeapon WoundWeapon Point BlankWeapon Ideal RangeWeapon Max RangeWeapon HealthWeapon ActionWeapon MindWeapon ConditionWeapon TypeWeapon Price UnslicedWeapon Price SpeedWeapon Price DamageAcklay
Curved Sword v1.8.92.276173371919192548339741h149991599919999no
Vibroblade v1.8.72.64514724.36661122119631h189991999929999no
Gaderiffi Baton v1.8.73.413222333.5-2-2-25432159731h189991999929999yes
Gaderiffi Baton v1.8.83.313722835-2-2-25936199691h02999939999no
Stun Baton v1.8.52.59013315.26661543389301h239992499934999yes
Vibro Knuckler v1.8.72.23814738.2131313324731966unarmed189991999929999no
Vibro Knuckler v1.8.7p2.13814938.5131313334933963unarmed02999959999no
2h Curved Sword v1.8.92.563251401717172858339702h169991799924999no
Power Hammer v1.8.75.313846932.2-18-18-1911537259602h189991999929999yes
Vibro Lance v1.8.73.99830436.7111617834927polearm189991999929999no
Long Vibro Axe v1.8.74.411037952.9-18-18-15786634931polearm289992999939999no
D18 Pistol v1.8.11.65513316.8-546-601126111071pistol1499900no
DL44 Pistol v1.8.12.06117217.9-1037-801130111079pistol1499900no
FWG5 v1.9.1b2.16217318.4026-701138181105pistol189991999929999no
FWG5 v1.9.81.86818720.3022-70113618903pistol05999999999no
DX2 v1.8.92.310817026.12145-902239141012pistol389993999949999no
Scatter Pistol v1.8.72.212215432.3-3832-881752171118pistol189991999929999no
Scatter Pistol v1.8.82.012916333.9-3827-88175217948pistol05999974999no
Geonocian Sonic Blaster(Green)2.7121222261844-903141191113pistol0499999799999no
Laser Carbine v1.8.93.64428019.7-4520-40274321996carbine289992999939999no
Laser Carbine v1.8.83.34428323.1-4521-402946231034carbine04999974999no
EE3 Carbine v1.9.13.112824126.1-2539-80645745902carbine289992999939999no
DXR6 Carbine v1.9.24.115422235.8-2039-80577350958carbine389993999949999no
Elite Carbine v1.9.13.715023231.6-3549-50577451989carbine389993999949999no
Bowcaster v1.8.15.116529622.5-3017-803131441002rifle389993999949999no
Dlt20 Rifle v1.8.14.912720815.7-7033-50132824975rifle1499900no
Laser Rifle v1.9.1 (Stocked)5.98245130.4-8059-50425085942rifle289992999939999no
Laser Rifle v1.8.8 (Stocked)5.58246332-8047-80425188986rifle04999974999no
Jawa Ion Rifle v1.8.95.71262289.1-5015-801429461069rifle389993999949999no
Jawa Ion Rifle v1.8.85.41292359.7-502-80142946952rifle05999999999no
T21 Rifle v1.9.16.913536929.1-70010393371923rifle099999399999no
T21 Rifle v1.9.2 (Stocked)7.517240539.3-70231071641051081rifle099999399999no
T21 Rifle v1.9.3 (Stocked)7.417340539.3-70231071641051081rifle099999399999no
Flame Thrower v1.8.84.446685819.712-530751717956specialheavy04999959999no
Light Lightning Cannon v1.8.83.843377520.4-340395633920specialheavy07499999999no
2h Curved Sword v1.9.1 (Range)2.563251401717172858329742h169991799924999no
Launcher Pistol v1.8.82.47422330.60-60185218899pistol05999974999no
Modified Repub Blaster v1.9.12.46921328.70-1801848181091pistol289992999939999no
Spraystick v1.9.11.84918920.5-20-2-601441411032rifle239992499934999no
T21 Rifle v1.9.4 (Stocked)7.417540839-70+27+1071641051135rifle099999399999no
Heavy Acid Rifle v1.8.84.934077237.417-12-114945818950specialheavy05999979999no
Laser Rifle-T4.951338120-5012-801422601000baseRifle000no