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***NOTE*** SOE published the New Game Enhancements for Star Wars Galaxies, aslo known as the NGE on 11-15-05. This comes after the CURB or CU for short was published on 4-27-05 and never lived up to expectations. Information listed on this site is current up to but NOT including the NGE. Pre-CU (also known as PreCU) information has been compiled and located in the lower menu bar. Read my update for more information on my Pre-CU pages.

All Prices & Stats were valid Pre-CU only I will be updating my database with stats on converted weapons for sale, and post CU v2.0+ weapons as soon as I can

What will your weapon stats be with your enhancer added? Use the X-Force Weapons Enhancer & Slice Calculator.

Is the weapon you want not listed? Do you need it made differently? Use the X-Force Weapons Weapon Builder.

(Note: this feature is for the old Pre-CU)You can now calculate the DPS of any X-Force Weapon! DPS calculation on the pricing page assumes you are a Master at your profession. If you are not, or have special speed attachments, click Ctrl-S in-game and write down your speed mod under "My Skill Mods". Use this value instead of the value inserted by the link. Also, you can calculate DPS after "Enhancing" with loot or "Slicing" using the special link buttons provided.

586 Total Weapons Posted as of 3/21/05