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***NOTE*** SOE published the New Game Enhancements for Star Wars Galaxies, aslo known as the NGE on 11-15-05. This comes after the CURB or CU for short was published on 4-27-05 and never lived up to expectations. Information listed on this site is current up to but NOT including the NGE. Pre-CU (also known as PreCU) information has been compiled and located in the lower menu bar. Read my update for more information on my Pre-CU pages.

The links directly below should give some more information on the world of SWG post-CU

Note, SOE has changed their crafting calculations, info HERE

A new discussion on SWGCraft covers stuff 5-10-05 and on Crafting Post-CURB(5.10.05 on).

Estei's QAD Post-CU resource comparison tool ver. 0.9.5beta (discussion only)

Estei's QAD Post-CU resource comparison tool ver. 0.9.5beta (download mirror, thanks Estei!)

CURB mod for the Jenner/Fooman crafting tool! UPDATED

Weapon Certifications

Weapons NOT Craftable yet (waiting on SOE)

DPS for Rifles: it is not relevant?

Reference for Weapon Stat Caps

The links below are pre-CU and are for reference only, some may apply for post-CU but most will not

Pre-CU Profession Calculator

ARCHIVE.ORG LINK****Crafting Post-CURB (old system used 4-27-05 through 5-9-05)

SOE Weaponsmith Forum

Compilation of Weaponsmith Issues

Weaponsmith FAQ and Important Links

Hard Data on Weapon Repair - a must read for anyone


The Slackers guide to making Master Weaponsmith by building 1,779 weapons.

The Penultimate Guide to Weaponsmithing

Useful weaponsmith reference lists

Can you be a (successfull) WS without Smuggler?

Lunariel's Guide to Resource Caps

Weaponsmiths' Websites

Powerups Explained

RPG Expert - Star Wars Galaxies - Using Skill Enhancement Attachments