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***NOTE*** SOE published the New Game Enhancements for Star Wars Galaxies, aslo known as the NGE on 11-15-05. This comes after the CURB or CU for short was published on 4-27-05 and never lived up to expectations. Information listed on this site is current up to but NOT including the NGE. Pre-CU (also known as PreCU) information has been compiled and located in the lower menu bar. Read my update for more information on my Pre-CU pages.

What will your weapon stats be with your enhancer added? Use the X-Force Weapons Enhancer & Slice Calculator (Under Re-Construction).

Is the weapon you want not listed? Do you need it made differently? Use the X-Force Weapons Weapon Builder. (Under Re-Construction)

If you'd like to see how weapons looked in the Pre-CU days, go HERE

xx Total Weapons Posted as of xx/xx/xx

Weapon NameWeapon SpeedWeapon Min DamageWeapon Max DamageWeapon Base Damage TypeWeapon Elemental TypeWeapon Elemental DamageWeapon AccuracyWeapon WoundWeapon SACWeapon Min RangeWeapon ConditionWeapon TypeWeapon Price Unsliced
Test Weapon - Laser Rifle2.714901000energynone0924.5820880rifle199999
Advanced Laser Rifle v2.0.22.714901000EnergyNone0914.95820885rifle249999
Stun Baton v2.0.12.21341689EnergyElectricity4013.4510008861h29999
test sword110100kineticnone012010009002h1000
test vk110100kineticnone01201000900unarmed1000
test vk110100kineticnone01201000900unarmed1000
test flamer110100energyheat401201000900specialheavy1000
test pistol110100energyacid401201000900pistol1000
test carbine110100energyheat401201000900carbine1000
test polearm110100energyelectricity401201000900polearm1000
Power Hammer v2.0.2 (LowSAC)2.664961008Kineticnone012310608892h99999
Blaster Fist v2.0.22.02269549EnergyHeat32124.79940889unarmed99999
Elite Carbine v2.0.1 (73SAC)2.46428893Energynone0918.4730883carbine199999
Plasma Flame Thrower v2.0.12.735151007EnergyHeat90118.41070886specialheavy999999
SG82 Rifle v2.0.12.7784170Energynone0116.831130881rifle9999
Advanced Laser Rifle v2.0.32.724941004EnergyNone0914.95820887rifle274999
Elite Carbine v2.0.32.45446903EnergyNone0918.4%730889carbine249999
Featherweight FWG5 v2.0.32.01363767KineticNone0913.8740881pistol249999
Blaster Fist v2.0.3 (65 SAC)2.14233534EnergyHeat32117.68650889unarmed99999
Power Hammer v2.0.3 (85 SAC)2.74389892KineticNone0115.788508892h49999