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***NOTE*** SOE published the New Game Enhancements for Star Wars Galaxies, aslo known as the NGE on 11-15-05. This comes after the CURB or CU for short was published on 4-27-05 and never lived up to expectations. Information listed on this site is current up to but NOT including the NGE. Pre-CU (also known as PreCU) information has been compiled and located in the lower menu bar. Read my update for more information on my Pre-CU pages.

Master Special Move List: Information missing or incorrect? Visit SpraticNet and post your information in the DPS Calc thread.

Here are your specials moves based on the carbineer profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription
FullAutoSingle25.5x1.7xchance to stun, blind, and dizzy single
BurstShot16x2xincreased damage
BurstShot26x2.5xincreased damage
ScatterShot11x2xdamages multiple locations
ScatterShot27.5x2.5xdamages multiple locations
WildShot13.5x2xstuns single
WildShot24.5x2.5xstuns cone
CripplingShot7.5x2.5xsingle shot, high damage
FullAutoArea13.5x2xchance to stun, blind, and dizzy multiple
FullAutoArea24.5x2.5xchance to stun, blind, and dizzy multiple
Legshot2(Marks)3x1.5xdamages action
LegShot33x1.5xdamages action
ChargeShot13x2.3xknockdown single
ChargeShot23.7x3xknockdown cone
ActionShot1(Marks)1.5x1.6xdamages action drain/regen
ActionShot23x1.7xdamages action drain/regen
SupressionFire23.7x2.8xlowers posture
OverchargeShot1(Marksman)5x2xincreased damage
OverchargeShot2(Marksman)5.3x2xincreased damage

Here are your specials moves based on the commando profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription

Here are your specials moves based on the fencer profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription
BlindHit11.5x1.5xblind single target
BlindHit22.5x2.25xblind area
BodyHit12x1.5xbody hit
BodyHit23x2xbody hit + damage
BodyHit34x2.25xbody hit + damage
DizzyHit11x1.5xdizzy single target
DizzyHit21.5x2.25xdizzy area
Hit23x2xmore damage
Hit34x2.25xmore damage + blind
Lunge12x1.5xextended distance, posture change
Lunge23x2.5xextended distance, knockdown
ScatterHit12x1.5xmulti pool hit location
ScatterHit23x2.5xmulti pool hit location
SpinAttack12x1.5xarea attack
SpinAttack23x2.5xarea attack + blind

Here are your specials moves based on the pikeman profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription
ActionHit11x2xblind single target
ActionHit22x3xblind area
AreaAttack12x2.2xarea attack + damage
AreaAttack22.75x3xmore damage + dizzy + stun
Hit22.5x2xdamage + stun
Hit34x3xdamage + stun + lower posture
LegHit11.5x1.5xaction damage
LegHit22x2xmore action damage
LegHit32.5x3xeven more action damage
Lunge11x1.5xextended distance, posture change
Lunge22x1.5xextended distance, posture change
SpinAttack11.5x1.5xarea attack
SpinAttack22.5x3xarea attack + dizzy
Stun11.5x1.6xstun single
Stun22x2xstun area
Sweep12x1.5xsingle knockdown
Sweep22.5x3xarea knockdown

Here are your specials moves based on the pistoleer profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription
RollShot(Marksman)2.5x1.5xblind single target
DiveShot(Marksman)2.5x1.8xblind area
KickupShot(Marksman)2.5x1.5xto standing posture attack
OverchargeShot1&2(Marksman)2.5x2xincreased damage
BodyShot1(Marksman)1.5x1.2xhealth damage
BodyShot2(Marksman)2.1x1.8xhealth damage
HealthShot1(Marksman)2x1xdamages health drain/regen
BodyShot3(Pistoleer)2.5x2.4xhealth damage
HealthShot2(Pistoleer)3x1.9xdamages health drain/regen
FanShot(Pistoleer)4x2.4xarea cone
StoppingShot(Pistoleer)5x4xincreased damage
DoubleTap(Pistoleer)2.8x2.1xincreased damage
PointblankSingle2(Pistoleer)2.9x2.3xsingle target no close range penalty
PointblankArea2(Pistoleer)4.3x3xarea cone no close range penalty
DisarmingShot1(Pistoleer)2x2.3xdamages opponent's weapon
DisarmingShot2(Pistoleer)2.7x2.5xdamages opponent's weapon
LastDitchAssault(Smuggler)6x4xhigh damage, high delay
PanicShot(Smuggler)2x2.6xdelays everyone in cone
BleedingShot(BH)2x1.5xdamages mind drain/regen
EyeShot(BH)3x2xaction wound
TorsoShot(BH)3x2.3xhigh damage + fire DoT

Here are your specials moves based on the rifleman profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription
HeadShot11.5x1.5xdamages mind
HeadShot22.5x1.75xdamages mind
HeadShot33x2xdamages mind
MindShot11.5x1.8xdamages mind drain/regen
MindShot22x2xdamages mind drain/regen
ConcealShot2.5x3xno auto response to attack
FlushingShot12x2.1xraises posture + stun
FlushingShot24x2.6xraises posture + stun
FlurryShot12.5x2xdizzies single
FlurryShot22x2.3xdizzies cone
StrafeShot25x3.5xarea cone clears cover + delay
StartleShot12x2.1xraises posture
StartleShot24x2.6xraises posture
SurpriseShot3x3xfrom cover, sneak attack

Here are your specials moves based on the swordsman profession
Special NameDamage ModDelay ModDescription
Area12x2.3xarea hit + lower posture base damage
Area23x2.4xarea hit + damage + lower posture
Area33x2.6xarea hit + damage + dizzy + lower posture
SpinAttack23x2.3xarea attack + more damage
Sweep11.5x1.7xlower posture single target
Sweep22x2.5xlower posture area, low damage
Hit23x2.25xmore damage
Hit34x3.25xdizzies cone
MindHit11x2.3xmind bleed
MindHit22x2.5xhigher mind bleed
HeadHit11.5x1.6xmind damage
HeadHit22.5x2.3xmore mind damage
HeadHit33.5x2.5xeven more mind damage
Lunge11x1.5xextended distance, posture change
Lunge21x1.5xextended distance, knockdown