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***NOTE*** SOE published the New Game Enhancements for Star Wars Galaxies, aslo known as the NGE on 11-15-05. This comes after the CURB or CU for short was published on 4-27-05 and never lived up to expectations. Information listed on this site is current up to but NOT including the NGE. Pre-CU (also known as PreCU) information has been compiled and located in the lower menu bar. Read my update for more information on my Pre-CU pages.

I have seen an increasing number of hits from Google searches from people looking for Pre-CU information on weapon stats, special moves, etc. If you visit my Pre-CU pages listed in my menu, there is a relatively comprehensive list of the most commonly sold weapons. From the inventory you can Enhance (with say a krayt tissue or Acklay bone), Slice, or calculate DPS. You can also calculate DPS or Slice after Enhancing. There is a separate tool on the menu bar for creating Scythe Blades or Executioner's Hacks. Also, there is a list of Special Moves which I compiled last August. It is not 100% complete, but I got the information from reliable sources. I'll be watching the SWGEMU project closely and modify my information if needed. Unfortunately I lost almost all of my component information at my last webhost, so the Weapon Builder have more than a few test values to make sure it will work properly. Once SWGEMU is active I will populate my database with component values and it will be functional again. I'm currently serving as the Weaponsmith correspondent on the SpraticNet server. Please post any corrections for information at the Weaponsmith Forums there.

The old info from Pre-NGE/Post-CU will be preserved the way "it was". A link to my farewell to Weaponsmith video is located below along with my goodbye post.


Stettin's X-Force Weapons is currently the oldest registered weapon vendor on Corellia, Chilastra server of Star Wars Galaxies. X-Force is derived from the name Exiled Force, a PA I am a founding member of. Simply hit Ctrl-V to bring up the worldmap and click on weapons, I'm listed at the top. I have been playing since launch and worked toward weaponsmith from the start. There were many players that mastered Weaponsmith before me, but few if any remain active. Weaponsmith vetrans are a rare breed, many have come and gone over the many months since launch, but I still remain. I started by selling CDEF pistols for 1k and Scouts for 3k on the bazaar during the first few weeks of the game. On 7-18-03 I opened my shop and placed my first vendor and since then I haven't looked back.

I don't normally stock enhanced weapons such as Krayt, Acklay, etc due to the time and effort involved in acquiring the looted components. One of the most common weapons I do not normally carry is the Scythe. Click the link for a guide to the loot components and my exclusive "Scythe Builder" (also works for Executioner's Hacks). Other weapons can be enhanced off of my pricing page. Simply pick a current version (usually the highest version # is most current) and click "enhance". This will copy the stats over and launch my enhancer page where you can enter in values for your loots. I focus on doing custom builds, charging an assembly fee for my time and materials. On every build I use my +28 Assembly +25 experiment clothing and the best resources possible. My prices on custom builds are under re-evaluation due to the Combat Rebalance depending on the weapon, with a 25k fee for using experimentation food. Only one food experimented weapon can be created every 30mins.

The rest of this page is dedicated to saving myself time and the time of my customers. Please explore this site to find out more information on my pricing, custom builds, and general Weaponsmith questions. If something isn't covered here, please mail me in-game or send a tell.

Since July of last year I have been working on this site to provide information and tools to the players of SWG interested in weapons or Weaponsmithing. I started out knowing hardly anything, and have just recently finished my site conversion to XHTMLv1.0 and CSS. I highly recommend Firefox not only because it can display these standards correctly, but because it is more secure, easy to use, and much more customizable.

Amidst great controversy SOE has pushed forth the Combat Upgrade in preparation for the new expansion Rage of the Wookiees. This Combat Upgrade does not only cover 'combat' but affects crafting of all sorts, a large part of which has transformed the Weaponsmith profession into something that even me an almost 2 year vetran is a bit foreign. I will do my best to update this site and to make things current, but many things such as my favorite Weaponbuilder and Enhancer&Slice Calculator will no longer function in the new system. As a brief overview of what will be posted here eventually, your decisions in crafting will be very different than they were pre-CU. Experimentaion has separate lines for Speed and Damage, and Condition has been removed. Slicing weapons follows a logrithmic scale. If your weapon has lower damage you can get a higher slice. If you use some nice loot and increase your damage you will overall get a lower slice. Simple questions like what resources to use, what loot to use and when to Slice(is it even worth increased decay for 4-5%gain?) will have to be considered for each piece. Lastly the dark nemesis to all of us that want to "push the envelope" is the stat "cap". Personally I have used a 164dmg Acklay Bone, a nice bone at that but no where near the other bones that have been looted, and "capped" damage on a Gaderiffi Baton. You get error messages from your tool stating a certain cap threshold has been crossed and the stats are "adjusted". This will bug me most of all, and probably many of you. I fear that all weapons will soon be so similar that there will be no reason to buy one here or there other than the fact that you have _always_ bought your weapons here or there. Many are taking this as a sign to leave the profession and some ultimately the game. I will give this new system my best effort and render judgement later. Please use the comments page if you find any new information incorrect or lacking, and I will be updating hopefully daily until everything is completed.
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    • Updated Pricing page, archived the OLD page. Added a link to a new Slice Calculator, requires Javascript/IE.
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    • Site update to reflect changes due to the Combat Upgrade. Information not listed here can be found HERE as well as the Weaponsmith forum.

I have at least a few weeks left to say goodbye to friends, but Weaponsmith is already gone. For the time being I have respeced into trader and have seen first hand what has become of Weaponsmith, *cough*, I mean Weaponmonkey. I started with Weaponsmith back in Beta3, where we were told our crafted weapons would always be better than loot. This would ensure community interaction and a strong economy.

I've lost track of the time that "exceptional" and "legendary" loot was introduced, but those were the first seeds of failure sewn by the the Devs. Yes, we did have loot, krayt tissues, high powered motors, etc, but they did not compare to these new drops by far. Exceptionals made their way into subcomponents, and some truly amazing weapons were made by myself and others. The communication from the Devs was very little, so much so that a CSR once confiscated my three best pistols because some player reported them as "exploits". They made a small attempt to balance pistols (removing 2 enhancer slots), which helped a small bit. I however had custom made a few hundred pistols "pre-nerf" they became.

Loot tables updated once again and attachments eventually were enough to "speed cap" and with the Geonocian cave introduction Melee now had the ultimate enhancer, Acklay bones. Now instead of pistoleers rampaging across the countryside, we saw Swordsman with their uber power hammers. Along with 90% armor and other things these players became the grim reapers in PvP.

Next came the CU, the infamous Combat Upgrade. I was invited to participate in the Combat Upgrade Alpha by the existing Weaponsmith Correspondant. I was excited to be a part of the development process and quickly read up on the info on the forums. Shortly after I joined all of the dev notes were pulled and no new information was given to us. For weeks we were told that new notes were coming "soon"(tm) by Thunderheart. Eventually we were told that the "alpha" was over and we were invited to participate in the "Beta" which would be alongside Rage of the Wookies.

So, distraught we tested this beta and were amazed at how many bugs there were. In crafting there were now "caps" to what certain stats could be. As soon as we saw this we worried that eventually everyone would have the same weapon (how ironic). So the CU went live and a few publishes after came the infamous BH loot. Now we had loots with SAC bonus and Dmg and Speed all in one. The first doulbe capped (dmg and SAC) pistols showed up. Before that it was possible to double cap a rifle or carbine because of the stocks.

Another almost fatal move by the devs was attempting to introduce a 10% resource bonus as a "buff". This would have put the nail in the coffin for weaponsmiths as anyone with a decent resource could cap out their weapons, leading to everyone having the same weapon stats. It is kind of crazy because around this time I posted a message satirically saying "Why not just give everyone something called 'weapon', with the same stats but different skins and be done with it?". Sadly SOE must have read my mind and was already secretly developing the NGE. I have tried out this new NGE crafting and well, I'm amazed. At least in the CU you could concentrate on SAC, or DMG or Speed. Now there is one line for damage, 2 _if_ there is elemental damage.

The final nail in the coffin for Weaponsmith is the introduction of no decay. Many players say we are complaining because we only care about money. It's not always about money, but we will see how many Traders there are in a few months after the market crashes. I specialized in custom weapons. As most players know I have sold very few enhanced weapons for my own profit. Usually I make them up as players waited, or since I started school full time & working full time I moved to an e-mail based order system.

In any case I took pride in each weapon I built because I tried my best to make it exactly the way the customer wanted. Now there is one thing, 100% Experimented damge, that is all. There are no enhancers, no ways to customize, components have no stats. I can use total crap resources and make 1000 subcomponents for just a few credits and use a few good resources on the final build for the "best possible" weapon. To top it off these best possible weapons cannot compete with many quest rewards. Devs have stated in a recent chat that essentially weaponsmith is not meant to compete with loots.

"Long term, crafting items will be comparable to some loot items. They will also represent a more convenient method of obtaining specific items for adventuring." -Dan Rubenfield, Lead Designer on Star Wars Galaxies

Weaponsmith is dead. I lasted until the end, which was my goal.

I've finished the final version of my goodbye video. I hope everyone enjoys watching it. Please visit the video page for either streaming or direct download links.

****Expired****As a thank you to all of Chilastra I am posting all of my weapons for 1 credit each until they are all gone. All pre-cu/pre-nge weapons have been reposted. They have random stat and are close to server best. I have done new runs of weapons (over 20,000 components already made) specifically for this event, all are at or near 100% experimentation, you will not find finer weapon out there that are crafted. Posted 25 'server best' T21, DL44 XT, FWG5 Featherweight, DXR6 Carbine, Power Hammer, Ryyk Blade. All 1 credit. All I ask is that people only buy one of each model. Guild leaders can contact me and I will arrange crates if needed. I am only posting 25 at a time until I see how honest people are, from my sales yesterday it seems that nobody tried clearing me out, so that is good for everyone. I will NOT hesitate to ban players that attempt to ruin this event for everyone else. As I said if you are a guild leader and need more than 1 per model contact me and I'll arrange crates.

If you have a friend that needs some, e-mail him my waypoint. I will be putting the names of players that clear out the vendor on a "Banned" bag for all to see. My goal is to provide free weapons, not stock another merchant's vendor. There can not be any misunderstanding about the policy now, as there are 8 bags with warnings in front of a painting as well as ad barking on the vendors. Also each weapon has "(1credit) @ X-Force Coronet 275 -5959 by Stettin" in the name. Hopefully if anyone decedies to try and turn a profit off of these, customers will see how much they cost originally and where they came from.

Posted on 11/16/2005 by RebCline - Forum / Peicubo - InGame

A New Hope "slightly" Revised to make it more "star warsy" for the NGE

At Obi-Wan's House:
Obi-Wan: I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but you didn't grind on Dathomir enough to be certed for it. Your uncle wouldn't allow it. He feared you might get really bored and jaded from the hours of boring repetitive tasks and end up only able to talk in leet speek. It's your father's lightsaber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight CL30 and above. Not as useful or powerful as a blaster, but a bright and pretty weapon for a more civilized age which spent its time doing things like polishing chrome starships so much that you could see your reflection in them even after they got dirty from landing in the desert. For over two years, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice by making the Galactic Civil War so unbalanced that no one wanted to fight it. Before the dark times, before the NGE.

Luke: Aren't lightsabers still no trade? How did you get one from my Father? Very suspicious, Old Man.

Later, after Luke finds Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru cancelled their accounts since moisture farmer was not chosen as an iconic profession:

Obi-Wan: Luke, there was nothing you could have done, had you been there. You would have had to respec to Trader or cancel too.

Luke: I want to come with you to Alderaan. There is nothing here for me now. I want to respec to Jedi like my Father.

In the Mos Eisley Cantina...

Obi-Wan: Need transport to Alderaan, will pay 2k!

Luke goes to the bar to get a drink.

Random NPC: He doesn't like you!

Luke: It's not my fault they let all the Droid Engineers respect to a CL1 Jedi.

Random NPC: I don't like you either. You just watch yourself. We're wanted men. I have the death sentence in twelve systems.

Luke: Does adding Musatafar make the total twelve systems now? I stop buying expansions after Kashyyyk.

Random NPC: You'll be dead!

Obi-Wan: This little one's not worth your effort, not everyone has the time to exploit high level quests to get to CL90 already.

Bartender: No blasters, no blasters!

Obi-Wan duels the Random NPC resulting in Obi-Wan getting triple incapped as a result of not having any armor and the NPC kiting him with a rifle.

On the Falcon traveling to Alderaan:

Luke wears a helmet that completely covers his face and tries in vain to punch a flying droid that keeps shooting him with little lasers.

Luke: Obi-Wan, can I have dad's lightsaber now?

Obi-Wan: If I could train you in lightsaber use I would, but they took out player training. You just need to keep grinding till you are certed for it. Would you just use the force already?

Solo: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. Here, let me get rid of this thing for you. (Yelling at out the window.) Someone want to buy a lightsaber?

Fence: Lightsaber = 2000 credits.

Solo: I'd be better off trying to sell it to a newb... hey kid, you want to buy a lightsaber?

Luke: Can you slice it for me first?

Solo: Can't slice anymore, forgot how and I seem to have misplaced all my tools. Odd since I had them in a drawer marked "Slicing Tools".

Obi-Wan: Well at least you still have your lucrative smuggling career. (Turns around and points at Solo and laughs.) Its shocking how bad Jedi have been nerfed this week but you never even got smuggling missions to nerf. I hear you can't even understand Leku anymore. Oh and goodluck trying to feign death... you were never that convincing anyway. You should respec to Spy, atleast then you can steal things from NPCs.

Solo: Smuggling isn't stealing! I hate the implication that because I choose to live on the edge of the law that I want to be a thief.

Later you know where:

Vader: Obi-Wan we meet again at last. The circle is now complete. When I met you I was but a pre-cu droid engineer, now I am the CL90 Master Jedi.

Obi-Wan: If you strike me down I will just go blue glowie and move to Musatfar!

Vader: Why would you move there? Last time we were there your clothes got all burnt up and I lost my limbs and killed my wife accidentally. Not exactly fond memories.

Obi-Wan: It's a long story really... starts with someone at Lucasfilm deciding that they wanted to do another Clone Wars tie-in even though the game takes place in the Galactic Civil War Era. Ends with my name on an expansion so poorly executed that they actually offered a refund for it. I guess I shouldn't feel bad, did you know they made a Mr. Potatohead out of you? Not only that but there is an action figure of your dismembered corpse that dogs are chewing the heads off of as we speak.

Vader cuts him in half, much to the dismay of gore fans everywhere he just clones without leaving a corpse.