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2012 bluray

Last weekend my wife and I watched 2012 with a couple of friends. We planned on making some chocolate martinis, and I have to say they definitely improved the movie watching experience. About a quarter of the way through the movie we were wondering when the introduction of new characters was going to end. Most of them are empty with no depth whatsoever. I can’t tell you anything about the main character’s ex-wife other than she divorced him and is now with a plastic surgeon. Don’t bother watching this if you are expecting a gripping story.

There are many other disaster movies with better plot, character development, and humor. Independence Day comes to mind. Anyway, after we realized we were watching a bad movie, we decided to figure out how to make the best of it. Eventually we decided to take a drink when someone narrowly avoided death. This required us to stop the movie twice to make more martinis. As for the plot, basically the solar flares in 2012 are supposed to destabilize the Earth’s core. The crust will shift and there will be floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes. People secretly go around gathering investment money in the amount of $1,000,000,000 Euro for “tickets” aboard what turn out to be modern day Noah’s Arks. For those interesting in the martini recipe, see below.

Measurements are in ounces or each measure is approximately 2/3 of a standard shot glass.

2.0 creme de cocoa (whatever is cheapest)
1.5 Godiva chocolate liquer (brand is important)
1.0 vanilla vodka (any brand, we’ve used Svedka and Smirnoff before)
splash (.5) half and half

I typically double the recipe and it will just barely fit into a cocktail shaker depending on how much ice you use. I like doing that because it makes the measurements easy: 4, 3, 2, 1. Each batch makes 3-4 servings depending on how generous you are with the portions. The ingredients aren’t cheap but you can make quite a lot of drinks. Please post your thoughts in the comments if you’ve tried the recipe!

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  1. You forgot to mention that we had the extra pleasure of watching this movie with a geologist, who frequently informed us when things were less than plausible, geology-wise. And those martinis are amazing!

  2. I’d have to give 4 stars to the drink and about .8 stars for the movie. Your review is spot on!

  3. I haven’t watched that one yet (I will though), but every single movie from that guy makes me feel depressed about the upcoming Foundation series screenplay 😐

    bottoms up!

  4. This was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. The kind that stick with you. Nothing got cut from this movie. Every idea along the lines of, “Hey I know, they could be like, trying to take off and then the runway is crumbling and they’re like ‘Aaahh!’ and then everyone’s like ‘oh man we just made!'” – is put in the movie. Sometimes more than once. I’m pretty sure my 2-year-old son, who is fond of crashing his Thomas the Tank Engine trains into each other whilst shouting, “No brakes!” could have written this script with equal or greater outcome.

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