Real Steel (2011) Directed by Shawn Levy

DVD Cover
I saw a preview for Real Steel a while back and completely forgot about it until I noticed it at my local Redbox. I didn’t really have high expectations of the movie, but I love robots, so checked it out. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) plays Charlie Kenton, a washed up boxer that now competes in humanoid robot battles. After the embarrassing destruction of yet another robot, some guys track him down and tell him his ex wife died and now custody of his 11 year old son Max falls to him. His sister-in-law that wants custody, and Charlie wants nothing to do with the kid. Just as he is about to sign over custody, he notices she is married to some rich old guy. Seeing an opportunity to buy another robot, Charlie makes a secret deal for 100K to sign over custody. Conveniently, the rich husband is planning a trip to Europe, so doesn’t want the kid quite yet. The deal is 50K now, 50K at the end of the summer. Charlie reluctantly takes Max on the road to explore the underworld of robot boxing.

I kept thinking that Max was played by Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace) but knew that he was almost 20 by now. Still, I had to look him up after the movie and was impressed by the likeness.

Max (Dakota Goyo)

Anakin (Jake Lloyd)

Anyway, the writers really went overboard with Charlie’s recklessness with the new robot. Why would anyone take a title match with off the bat having no practice with a new bot is beyond me. The new bot is promptly destroyed by the reigning champ of the local off circuit boxing bracket. So, with a ton of money down the drain, it is time to search the junkyard for parts to throw together a new robot. They discover an old discarded sparring robot, mainly used to train the “big boys” with. There was a hint of some type of AI hiding inside of Atom, the salvaged robot.

Max – “Are you in there?”

Atom – <Blank stare>

Max – “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!”

The movie could have taken a different direction at that point, but the idea really wasn’t explored any further. Instead, the focus is on Atom’s now-rare shadowing functionality. Basically it watches the owner and mimics the moves without the need of a complicated joystick or pre-programmed move combos. This seems to be a perfect opportunity for Charlie, the washed up boxer, to relive his dream. Instead, he is very reluctant to train Atom. The rest of the movie follows Atom’s rise to fame and eventual bout with the most badass robot in the circuit.

I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie. The plot was fairly predictable, yet I still enjoyed the movie. My heart got pumping during the various rounds Atom was fighting in, especially toward the end. One thing I was definitely impressed with was the special effects. I really couldn’t tell the difference between the animatronics and CGI. The acting could have been better. I kept having flashbacks to the whiny little Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace. Despite some flaws, I still enjoyed the movie. I’m a sucker for robots.

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So I have been a bit behind with my reviewsSo I have been a bit behind with my reviews

I’ve been a bad reviewer lately. I usually try to write my reviews right after viewing or reading but I haven’t had as much time to write them lately. I’ve been playing World in Conflict quite a bit lately, which competes with my reviews here. I should actually do a review for that sometime, since I spend so much time playing it. It takes place in an alternate reality where the Soviets invade the US in 1990. For more information in the meantime just click the link above.

So, here are the things I have watched so far, but have yet to review:

  1. Blade Runner – The Final Cut: (I’ve watched the movie, which was awesome, but I still have to work through the rest of the special features on the last disc)
  2. I am Legend (2007) – I’ve actually watched this twice, once with my Father while on vacation, and again with my wife
  3. Battlestar Galactica: Razor – Unrated Extended Edition

I’m also in the process of reading two books: Children of Dune by Frank Herbert, and The Age of Spiritual machines by Ray Kurzweil. The latter is not really science fiction, but I’m about half way through it and many of the ideas probably seemed like fiction back when it was published in 1999. Many of the predictions Kurzweil makes in the first half are fairly accurate, so I’m interested to see what he will say in the second half.

My next major milestone will be to read Chaos Theory, Asimov’s Foundations and Robots, and Herbert’s Dune: The Fractal Aesthetic of Epic Science Fiction.

That should keep me busy for a little while.

Excellent Star Wars Cosplay photo shoot, must see!Excellent Star Wars Cosplay photo shoot, must see!

A long time ago (2007) in a city far, far away (Carbondale), I posted about Sith Vixen and her Femtrooper costume. A photographer has topped this by gathering up a group of Star Wars geeks and putting together an amazing photo shoot. There is a femtrooper in this one, however she’s called “Femme Storm Trooper”. I personally think femtrooper is better name. Characters also included are Lady Vader, Darth Vader, Slave Leia, Oola the Twi’lek, Boba Fett, and Padme. The Slave Leia and Femtrooper scene is a particularly interesting. I’m not really much of a tattoo fan, but Padme has a pretty awesome Death Star and R2D2 on her right shoulder. This is only part 1 of the photo shoot, so be sure to bookmark the blog and keep an eye out for more!

Femtrooper versus Slave Leia

Robin Cook Photography Blog

Flickr gallery

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Sunshine (2007) Directed by Danny BoyleSunshine (2007) Directed by Danny Boyle

Sunshine DVD

Sunshine is another movie I noticed on a “must watch” Sci-Fi movie list. The premise of the movie is that the Sun is dying, leaving the Earth in a permanent winter. A group of astronauts are riding on the back of a big bomb the equivalent size of Manhattan island. They are supposed to launch the bomb into the sun to kick start it back up to full brightness. Sounds simple enough, right? (more…)