Sep 172007

I ran across an article discussing the top 20 Starship Captains in Science Fiction. This was an interesting article for me because I haven’t seen quite a few of the shows the author was taking the captains from. Of course Star Wars and Start Trek are heavily represented.

In science fiction, the archetypal hero is the starship captain – doughty scientist-explorers setting off across the uncharted reaches of the cosmos in search of new life, new civilizations. You know the drill.

Check out the full article at the original site.

Posted by Stettin

2 Comments to “Top 20 Starship Captains”

  1. Shannon says:

    I am glad Picard is number one. That’s how it should be.

  2. Stettin says:

    Han Solo is the best small ship captain. Kirk and Picard usually just gave commands, while Han Solo could fly and fix his own ship too :).

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