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Exiled Force found its roots in a world much different than you see in Star Wars Galaxies today. Early in the game there were many PA/Guilds that were formed even before launch day. Many players didn't see the need for a large guild, and chose to set out to make it on their own. Dominius, Stettin, Aeyla, and Dannel were the first four members of Exiled Force. They started as a group of friends, helping eachother out when someone needed it. Initially Dominius suggested the idea as a way for us to maintain contact using guildchat as we played together often. We looked at ourselves as a guild of friends, that didn't necessarily want or need a guild. Some time earlier Dominius was an aspiring Architect. He hand crafted our houses and we all placed together some 1.5k away from Coronet. Stettin was the Weaponsmith in our little neighborhood. This is still where X-Force Weapons resides to this day. Today Exiled Force has a player city with shuttle port, New Crimson on Talus. The guild has seen many members come and go, and some come back again. Dominius and Stettin were the last to leave SWG of the original four members.

Moving forward, Exiled Force currently has a wide variety of members. Many are vetrans, and others newer. Some play every day, some come back after breaks away from the game. We have had our share of internal disputes, and encourage all members to contact their guild advisors if any problems turn up. Although we never had any faction restrictions on membership, Exiled Force remains primarily of the Rebel Faction. We have had a few Imperial players and have had some Rebel members switch sides for a change of pace. In the end we are here together for companionship and to help eachother out.