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Aliera Starcloud Name: Aliera Starcloud
  • Professions: Elder Jedi
  • Playing hours usually evenings or daytimes on weekends.
  • Interested in PvE?: Yes, by necessity
  • Interested in PvP?:
  • Services Provided: Services Guild Leader. I've been pretty much continuously subscribed to SW:G since January 20, 2004. This is SO not the game I originally enjoyed, but I'm sticking around anyway. Star Wars is a bit of an obsession with me, mostly because I don't have anything else as an obsession right now. If anyone has suggestions for a new obsession, post it in the general discussion section of our forums.

Arigli Name: Arigli E-Ici / Ayre E-Ici
  • Current Professions: Arigli- lvl 82 Officer; Ayre- M Entertainer
  • Approx Playing hours: Usually around 5 or 6 Pacific. On week day nights, weekends
  • Interested in PvE?: Yes
  • Interested in PvP?: Yes
  • Services Provided: Free buffs, Id's, ect. with Ayre and whatever's useful on Arigli
  • Ive been playing SWG for almost 980 days, haha, havent even taken a "break" from it. I also play first person shooters such as CSS, DOD, and GRAW for the xbox 360. Been a gamer since I was an itty bitty baby, and dont expect to stop being one anytime soon. laugh.gif I'm always here for a good time, even if it means spamming theed yelling PEE VS PEE in hawt pants or chasing newbs with batons of doom.

Baerman Name : Baerman
  • Current Professions: TKA / MSwordsman / Brawler
  • Approx Playing hours: 6:00pm - 11:00pm GMT+1
  • Interesterd in PVE?: Yes
  • Interested in PVP?: No
  • Services Provided: I'm just here to have some fun or help other members :)
  • Playing since January 2004

Name: Perforated / The-Cleaner /Eion / and a few more that I dont use anymore
  • Current Professions: Master Pikeman / Master Brawler / Tera Kasi Master / Swordsman
  • Approx Playing hours: Mainly after 10PM CST everyday
  • Interesterd in PVE?: Yes
  • Interested in PVP?: Yes
  • Services Provided: My alts: The-Cleaner is a Master BH / Master Pistoleer / Smuggler and Eion is a Master Armorsmith / Master Tailor / Droid Engineer (soon to be master). Services I would like to provide would include XF events, DWB excursions, and Mando and RIS armor making for the guild.
  • I've played the game since Aug of 03, but took an 8 month break last August. I have 2 small daughters and they take up most of my time, but I try to login whenever I can. I enjoy helping others get more out of the game and hope to organize some events for XF to do together.

Alinek Peva Name: Alinek Peva / Selinek Litzen
  • Professions: Master Doctor, Master Rifleman, 0004 Pistoleer; which may change depending on how soon i make jedi....
  • Approx Playing Hours: Mostly on everyday 1 pm to 11 pm PST, but this may change when i get into my new job.
  • Interested in PvE?: I am always interested, im a badge and loot whore. Mention most anything to me and im there. Always up for guild hunts and you will usually see me on guild chat trying to get some group together for something...
  • Interested in PvP?: Not so much as PVE, though if you need a turret taken out and im not doing anything, ill go put my range arms on! learning to get better, but i may just wait till im jedi to really get into pvp.
  • Services provided: I dont craft, never have. Selinek is my alt that is rarely played, but i will probably still wait untill i unlock to make a crafter.
  • Im 22 and engaged. Soon to be working for the Naval Shipyard after giving up my stoner ways Sad Ive been playing SWG for..... ah hell i cant remember! i joined the Guild when we were still back in Lost City and Emar was the mayor. this is my forst MMORPG, and since im a star wars freak i wouldnt play any other, despite the many probs this game has! i took a break a while ago and came back to find a guild that is still tight, and all the old faces i remember. I love this guild, and will do most anything for anyone in it, i never charge for things i can provide. the day XF dies is the day i leave this game!