Misc Links

Here I’ll gather the various sites I visit to get my Science Fiction fix.

General Sci-Fi Links

Asimov Links

Star Wars Links

  • Star Wars official Website – there is quite a bit of free content here, webcasts, and more. For those hard core fans that want exclusive content, you can subscribe to Hyperspace.
  • TheForce.Net – News on past movies, upcoming projects, fan films/fiction, games, collectibles and more. I started visiting this site a few years before Episode I came out, and was the original place I downloaded “Troops”.
  • The Top 15 Han Solo Quotes You Need to Use in Regular Conversation – Hilarious list
  • Adult Swim: Robot Chicken Star Wars Special (Link Removed by Adult Swim) – Absolutely hilarious, although rated TV-MA, so don’t click if you’re under 17. Mostly clean but there’s a few adult jokes. Search around, you’ll find it.

Product Search Links

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